Our Mission

To help build workforce capacity in Georgia at the individual, agency, and CPAW levels among all ASAPP and GEN Rx providers.

Our Charter

Provide training, research, tools, and direct technical assistance to ASAPP and GEN Rx providers in the state of Georgia through a variety of methods that are both cost effective and efficient from local, state, and national sources. Foster and facilitate access to critical information.

Our Client

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) Office of Behavioral Health Prevention (OBHP).

2016 - 2017 Directives

  • Build TA system infrastructure

  • Provide direct TA service to RPS and Providers

  • Marshall, translate, and convey best practices, predominant research, and subject matter expert support to GASPS providers

2016 - 2017 Goals

  • Help foster discussions and learning, with the aim of increasing understanding, and ultimately adoption, of prevention sciences through local and national resources.

  • Help build key stakeholder and CPAW engagement and participation

  • Provide direct TA to overcome implementation issues.


We use a collaborative, relationship-based model of assistance and support designed to:

  • Identify and select solutions to address problems, needs, or goals;

  • Guide providers in the adoption or adaptation of evidence-supported knowledge to practice; and

  • Effectively implement solutions customized to meet the needs of clients.